Painting, Praying, Proclaiming – Brad

Today was divide and conquer Monday! Agnes, Pete and Carla went with Arvid to buy paint and start the repair work at the church building in Sukth, where there’d been flood damage.

KujtimBrad girls in DurresThe rest of us stayed in Durrës. According to a GPS tracking watch, one couple walked more than six miles in prayer around the city. There were three groups of two going in different directions. Kujtim and I happened upon a group of teens showing their school photography projects in an ancient Turkish bath house. Kujtim shared with them his plan to move to Durrës with his wife and kids. He told them of his desire to open a community center and teach videography. He is a winsome guy. We got a picture with four of the young ladies who we pray will respond to the good news. I also was able to meet with a lady who Kari and I had met on a plane last year. She drove to Durrës, we met at the beachfront and she listened to a complete Gospel presentation. Please pray with me that God will make the seed grow in her life.

Thank you for your partnership in the Gospel!


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