Meeting new people – Lori

Paul paintingIt has been another blessed day here in Durres. After breakfast, Paul, Pete, Agnes and  Kujtim set off to paint the rooms of the church in Sukth. The rest of us walked and prayed in town. Carla and I walked over 5 miles between 9-noon. We had the opportunity to speak with several Albanian university students and we shared our hopes for God to bless this city. We also walked up a hill where we able to see much of the city we’ve been praying for.


Lori & Kids.jpgIn the afternoon, we entertained children in Sukth with musical chairs, Red Light, Green Light, drawing and football. (Exhausting, but fun!) Paul and I stayed in the hotel lounge after dinner and met a really nice man from Kosovo who is here on business. We were able to share the gospel through a Lord, Sin, Savior, Faith discussion. He wants to meet again tomorrow!

Thank you all so much for your support and prayer as we work to learn about this city, meet  the residents, walk the area, support our church friends in Sukth and to seek God’s will for a building to house a new church.


One response to “Meeting new people – Lori

  1. Lori,
    Thanks for a great report. We are not surprised that the kids love you and your energy. We will continue to pray that you, Paul and the team will accomplish all that God has planned for you to do.

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