First Week in Budapest – Agnes

Here is a brief overview of this past week in Budapest:

I was welcomed to Hungary by Harold and Cindy Goldman (missionaries supported by The Orchard) who’ve been part of the Reach Global City Team since June 2015. I was so  glad to have had that opportunity to spend some time with them!

On Monday, I was able to hit the ground running with a list of projects.

  • Painting the restrooms: I was able to finish the men’s room but still have some work to do on the women’s rooms (wallpaper borders are the worst).
  • IMG_1927Drywall in the lobby (I love hanging drywall!): Tomi (my favorite facilities manager here in Hungary) had arranged for some electricians to come, so the wall/column needed studs for the electricians to be able to do their work. Tomi and I did that on Monday afternoon. Then on Tuesday we had to work in step with the electricians to hang drywall as they needed it. I cut all the boards so when the electricians needed us to.

Prayer requests: I’m not sleeping well, but despite that I still seem to have a decent level of energy, but a good undisturbed night of sleep would be helpful.  It also appears I’m fighting a cold. Pray that I would stay healthy.

2 responses to “First Week in Budapest – Agnes

  1. Will do! You are a good and faithful servant! Can I bring any medicine for you when we come to Durres next week?

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