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It’s hard to imagine that next Tuesday, December 29, we return home. The time here since September 10 has just flown by. We have seen the hand of God in so many situations and circumstances and are grateful for His provision in all things.

richdeszo.jpgThis past Tuesday was my last session with Dezso. It has been a good time for us to be in God’s Word and work on what God is calling each of us to do. When it became apparent that we would not finish the Book of Nehemiah and the accompanying study guide, “Be Determined,” by Warren Wiersbe, Dezso said, “What are we going to do? We haven’t finished this journey together.” Thanks to technology we decided that we would finish the task before us via Skype. I thank God for Dezso’s determination to finish the course we started.

One of the real challenges in areas where there are new converts and new church plants, is the development of leaders to take God’s people on the continuing mission He has to build His Church. Of course, this is nothing new. The Apostle Paul spends much time in writing the early churches, correcting and encouraging leaders. How fortunate we are at The Orchard to have the focus of evangelism, discipleship, church planting and leadership development. We dare not take for granted the programs that have been put in place at The Orchard, like Leverage and Momentum. Both have been designed to build leaders for us and the church at large, developing leaders to preach and teach, and to be leaders within the congregation. Pray for our leaders as they administer these programs and prepare the “Church” to fulfill the mission we have all been called to.

Perhaps God is calling some of you to come alongside a son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or friend to help them grow in their spiritual life. I can highly recommend this study of Nehemiah. A man called by God to be a leader for God’s people. It will be a delight!

This week of Christmas, Linda and I will be focused on our family here in Hungary, The Olsen’s. We are excited to be able to spend Christmas with them and look forward to celebrating this wonderful time of the year.

Finally, we ask for your prayers as we pack and prepare for travel. It is always a little stressful packing three seasons of clothes and then negotiating airports. Pray for safety and good weather.

Thank you for making this time of ministry and service possible!

Merry Christmas!!

Serving Our King Together!

Rich and Linda Stienstra

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