Camp is over but keep praying! – Jared

Camp was awesome! We had a wonderful week. Thirty-one kids came to camp. It went smooth and we had great opportunities for gospel proclamation.

Dillon w sm grpThe students seemed to respond well to our messages. They did small groups afterwards in Hungarian…so I had no idea what they were talking about! But, the translators said the kids were asking excellent questions.

We had one day where Shaun encouraged all of the kids to write out any questions they had about Christianity and then they had Dillon, Betsy and me sit up front as a panel of sorts. I initially thought it was not going to work. The kids at camp were younger, mostly middle school age and we only had 2 high schoolers. I was amazed as they had fantastic questions that went on for about an hour and a half! They were asking things like, “If God created everything who created God?” And, “How did Jesus take our sin at the cross.” It was awesome!

I had some good conversations with Szilard and Bence (the two high schoolers who have previously made professions of faith). Szilard Jared and Lucafeels burnt out and a bit discouraged. It is difficult for him to be one of the only Christians in the area and a sophomore in high school at that. He was encouraged by camp, but I am sure discouragement will set in again soon. Please be praying for him. Luca (pictured) said she is now a Christian but she is afraid to tell her parents. Someone else to pray for.

Our trip home was great and went without a hitch. We thank the Lord for all that’s happening in Hungary and for everyone who prayed for us last week!


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