Full and Busy Day in Tapolca

Tap class libraryToday was the fourth day of the Tapolca English Camp! This morning we had a beautiful sunrise and of course the loud five o’clock bell clanging. It seems like it’s trying to say “GOOD MORNING. RISE AND SHINE! TIME TO WAKE UP!”    We had a devotional and then we prayed for the camp and the teachers. English lessons went well. You can always hear laughter from the kids and see smiles on their faces.

Josh did an amazing job with the impromptu lesson today. He encouraged and challenged the kids with the story of his wife and how she came to faith. The kids seemed to listen closely and they looked like they wanted to ask questions about Jesus. Pray that they continue to have questions and want to learn more about him!

After a loud and laughter-filled lunch, our team, the campers, and Brad’s team all went to the pool. The kids loved swimming and it was a perfect day for it as well. On the way home Stephen and David and I shared our testimonies with some kids. Some listened to music or talked to each other, but most of the ones sitting around us listened to what we had to say. It is powerful to hear how the Lord is working in all of our lives half way around the world.

Getting home we changed with lightning speed and hopped into the vans to go to dinner with the other team. It was a beautiful night tonight and the food hit the spot! We all had such a good time taking pictures, laughing at inside jokes and just having a good time. The sunset was as beautiful as the sunrise!

Arriving home, we all did our own things. Many of us prepared for tomorrow’s lessons or did various activities around the house. Well, Goodnight from Tapolca!


3 responses to “Full and Busy Day in Tapolca

  1. Thanks for sharing your lives and testimonies with these young people in Tapolca! Everyday seeds of the gospel are being sown on the soil of these young hearts. God bless your team continues to be faithful to your mission at hand.

  2. Grateful for the theme of laughter and joy that this blog resonates! Thankful we have this to share with the people of Tapolca, Budapest and beyond! That’s what we have as we in Christ in all things! Thinking of you and praying daily for safety, health, growth and the Power of Gods a Spirit to move mountains there!!!!

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