Testimonies at the castle in Tapolca

Today was the third day of the Tapolca English Camp.  It was lots of fun, as usual.  We started out bright and early with a devotional and prayer for the campers.  English lessons went well for all.

Josh’s message went well, and the kids were engaged in listening, which is an answer to prayer.

Tapolca team on castleAfter we ate lunch we drove out to climb to the top of a big hill with ruins of a castle on top.  Despite the heat and hard climb, it was a good time.  When we all finally reached the top and had explored and climbed enough to satisfy most of the kids, we gathered on top of a wall to hear Bekah and Kenzie’s testimonies.  It was an amazing experience, while sitting and admiring God’s great creation, to hear how He has changed their lives.

Once all the kids had gone home, we took some time to encourage one another by discussing all the strengths we had seen in our team.  It was a cool thing to get to tell everyone about the little things they do that make a big difference in our interactions with the kids, and in our performance as a team.

We recently got back from Shaun and Sondi’s house where we ate lots and lots of goulash, and we are all very, very full, and ready for bed.

Goodnight from Tapolca, and thanks to everyone for all your prayers.


3 responses to “Testimonies at the castle in Tapolca

  1. Thanks for sending this, Georgette! We are with our grandkids at their swimming lessons. Ruthann had a baby girl last night- yeah! Mike

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  2. Thank you for this encouraging report!! We are praying that many will be saved through your ministry and that this may become the beginnings of a gospel believing and teaching church in Tapolca. God keep you all safe and strong for the work that has been put before you.

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