Finding Truth in Hungary – Elise

Elise English class posterMonday Night English Discussion Group

Sadly, this club has come to an end for the semester. We enjoyed an end of the year party filled with games and laughter. I have seen several students improve their English dramatically these past couple months. Almost half of the regular students who participate in this discussion group attend Bible Study on Wednesday nights as well. My prayer would be that they see the Lord’s provision for the group itself, and keep seeking Him personally. Our discussion group always had a place to meet, we always had snacks, and we always had good company.

Wednesday Night Bible Study

This has by far been the most entertaining group of personalities! Roughly five men and women have been studying Mark this semester. This is a fantastic example of the Lord using the Gospel to bring in people from all walks of life for His glory. Diving into a study of Jesus’ miracles can become discouraging to some who are in times of suffering as they seek healing from their pain. However, I had the opportunity to talk with one of the women in the group about miracles. I can see the Lord working in her. My prayer for her and the entire Bible Study is that they would truly search God’s Word to find the truth. I hope that someday they wouldn’t rely solely on what their church tells them to believe or what their family tradition is. That they would wholeheartedly believe in what Jesus Christ has done for them and thirst for a personal relationship with Him.


Pray for Elise to finish well and use her goodbyes to direct people to Christ. She returns next week from her extended stay in Hungary.

2 responses to “Finding Truth in Hungary – Elise

  1. Elise, it is so good to hear of your work in Hungary! The club, the Bible study and your influence on the lives of the people! And learning those key phrases- wi-Fi, ha ha! It blows my mind to think of doing such a thing as that.
    Please be safe in coming back.

  2. I see a Jesus Miracle in you Elise and the passion and love that only He can work in a heart. God bless you my granddaughter. . . our granddaughter . . . cannot wait to give and receive a big hug when you arrive home. Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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