Seeing People, Finishing the Job – Agnes

I returned home on April 4 and made it to church on Easter Sunday, albeit a little brain dead due to the jet lag, but thankfully it seemed less severe than last year.  I’m incredibly grateful for a smooth trip home!

Being more acclimated to my surroundings in Budapest this year, I was more aware of the two homeless men who live in one of the stairwells of the KMK building. One evening when I walked past I noticed one man had his bedroll laid out. What struck me was how neatly the bed roll was made up. This man keeps his things in one corner of that stairwell. I began to notice each day as I passed “his place” how neatly and well organized that space was…this was his home. I began to wonder about this man’s story. Unfortunately, I could not speak to him due to the language barrier, but perhaps one day I will be able to find out more about him. I just kept thinking I need to “see” this man. Jesus would want me to “see” this man.

Danube Before & AfterThe last week I’m on location I usually spend  finishing up any projects I’ve started.  I had pretty much done that with two days to go and was asked if I could paint two walls in the Danube International Church Auditorium. I had been working on prepping the walls for painting throughout the first two weeks, so what was two coats of paint in a day?  All I can say is I was very grateful for the helping hands to get that task completed!  It was a 12 hour day for me, but I was grateful to be able to finish it for Danube’s Good Friday Service.

MEE Office Before & AfterHere are a couple more Before/After pictures of the projects I worked on. As I talked about earlier (March 24), I was also able to add drywall, finish and paint the walls in the EFCA-MEE Office area.

Last year when I was in Budapest, the Purple Room was still under construction. That meant I was cleaning up rubble from walls that had been knocked down, before new ones could be built. This year, I was Purple Room Before and Afterable to help finish the Purple Room by turning old floor boards into chair rails to protect the new walls.

Thank you for your partnership that allows me the opportunity to go to Budapest and do building maintenance to the honor and glory of God. Or as one person said, “to hang drywall for Jesus”.


2 responses to “Seeing People, Finishing the Job – Agnes

  1. Agnes, Just REMARKABLE! Thanks for all you do for the KMK and the ministry in Budapest. God loves a cheerful heart and you have one.

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