Counting Words – Pete

Pete JoachimJoachim, 76, lives in the same house occupied by his family since 1746.  We met at the bus station a few weeks ago and have gotten together twice since then to visit and talk.  He studies languages as a hobby, is happy to engage in English conversation, and teaches me Hungarian. He told me he knows 100,000 German words and 10,000 English words; he knows this because he went through the dictionaries and counted them.  Consequently our conversations include Hungarian, German and English, sometimes all in the same sentence.
He is a kind and gentle man and we enjoy each other’s company. Yesterday I asked him what he thought about Jesus; his response, “I don’t think about him too much.”  Before we parted he asked me what I would like to discuss when we meet again.  I told him I wanted him to tell me where he thinks man came from, why we’re here, and what happens to us after we take our final breath.  He said this was a weighty subject and he would think about it.  We will meet again on 2/23/15 when I hope to share the Gospel with him.  Please pray for Joachim, that he might hear and believe.

3 responses to “Counting Words – Pete

  1. Wow, Pete, that is so exciting about Joachim!
    You’ve probably heard about the Thief and Heaven event at Arlington Heights, March 31, April 1 +2. We’re in the midst of getting people invited to that so you could pray for us.
    Will pray for your witness,

  2. God bless you Pete, keep up your personal witness to Joachim. Trust that you will have more opportunities to share the Gospel and engage people. Thanks for being a Lighthouse there.

  3. Exciting Pete. God often chooses in random ways those He wishes us to engage with. It is no mistake this man speaks German. I will be praying for you and your relationship with him.

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