Settling in – Carla

Tapolca Apt bldgOur travel from Chicago to Tapolca was long but uneventful – yeah! After being up for more than 31 hours we slept for 11 hours last night and each took an hour nap today! I think we’re good now.

Last night after leaving our things in the apartment, we went to the local market and invited our first new “friend” to the English class. It was also my first time experiencing the Lord’s nearness as the Hungarian phrase for “Do you speak English?” rolled right off my tongue and she responded immediately. We were encouraged!!

Currently, we are looking over the materials for class tomorrow, before we go to the local pizza place across the street for dinner. We made our first trek to Tesco (the local Wal-Mart/grocery store) and enjoyed the really beautiful 50 degree weather and lots of sunshine!!

Feeling ready for our first class meeting tomorrow. Please share that the Lord is faithful and has already answered the prayers of many, bringing us here and delivering us safely.

Pete and Carla

7 responses to “Settling in – Carla

  1. Will be praying for your meeting tomorrow. What is the time difference from here? So Excited for you both!!

  2. Great report Carla!! We’re grateful with you that you are there and ready to begin!! May you continue to know God’s Presence!!

  3. Encouraing first words from you. I am praying for hearts to open to the glory of the gospel. May your words be fruitful ! God’s word does NOT return empty. Prayers for strength, safety and for souls to be saved!

  4. Pete and Carla, God has given you a fixed disposition to go forth and spend your lives for him. I pray for circumstances that will best enable you to serve him in Tapolca. Greet the believers for us and don’t forget Márk in the coffee shop. Sit in a thermal bath for me…I never got around to doing that.

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