Second Team arrives – Joe

Hello from Budapest!

After a very comfortable flight we arrived in Budapest on time and ready to go. We met up for lunch with the Szeged team and then began the Brad Mullet City Tour to keep us awake and avoid a bad case of jet lag. Walking around this beautiful city on a crisp fall day is just what we needed!wpid-CAM00334.jpg

In the US, we take for granted accessible free bathrooms. In Budapest that is not the case. Public bathrooms are few and far between and one must pay for the use. However, God is sovereign and controls all situations. Members of the team had to find a restroom and the only one they could find was in a restaurant. The owner stated very plainly and forcefully the restroom was for guests of the restaurant only.   So one team member ordered a soft drink while the other used the facilities. While drinking the coke, the owner asked where he comes from and why he is in Budapest. He told about our group from church in Chicago teaching English and the Gospel to youth in Budapest. “Do you know what the Gospel is?” asked the team member. “Oh that is where you get together and sing,” replies the owner. To which the team member says, “Let me tell you what I believe the Gospel is!” and continues to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We don’t know this shop owner’s name but please pray for him that a seed was planted and that God’s word does not come back empty.

Praise God that we arrived safely, had a great first day and shared the Gospel. Please pray for us this week that God gives us multiple opportunities to share the good news of Jesus, not only with the students but also with others in Hungary. And, that we do so.

4 responses to “Second Team arrives – Joe

  1. Hi Team! Hi to granddaughter Elise! Praying for you all and looking forward to hearing first hand the power of the Lord in the work of these days. God bless you all and those you meet that His Power and Love “shines” through you. Love, Diana and Don Hooghkirk

  2. So happy for your safe arrival and effective ministry! GOD IS GOOD…how creative to use the lack of public restrooms in Budapest to make an opportunity to share His Name!

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