Encouraging the believers – Brad

Visit to TapolcaOur first 24 hours in Hungary: We arrived within hours of each other on Monday night, on three different airlines from three different cities in Europe. Mark Revell, Reach Global Budapest City Team Leader, was waiting to hand us the keys to our van while he ran to catch his own flight out. With Lufthansa on strike, Dave Berry was delayed from joining us from India today, but we added Robin Kohl from the Budapest City Team. So the six of us prayed in the Montázs Art Café and hit the road to Tapolca. We met up with two Hungarian believers and a missionary couple (far left) and prayed together for the Lord to bring into existence a church in Tapolca. We used time to pray for the students who will be at camp next week. We also took a tour of an old cooperative dairy, owned by a new believer who recently lost her husband. We inquired of the Lord concerning his perfect and pleasing will for her in all of this and helped her cast her burdens on Him.

We had just enough time to grab coffee and a pastry before the Tuesday night Bible study. There was active discussion mainly centered around the illustration Jesus used with Nicodemous and the work of the Holy Spirit in someone being born again. One man, Paul, was asking most of the questions–not yet believing Jesus Christ is Lord. We pray for God to change the soil of his heart that the seed sown would take root and bear fruit. Pray with us for the “wind” to blow through Hungary! The four believers in this county were greatly encouraged by our visit and so thankful that The Orchard is praying for them and for a church to be planted. They ask that we would pray another family to this location to serve with them.

Tomorrow we dash back to Budapest to pick up Dave on our way south to Szeged.

We’re grateful for your prayers.
In Christ,
Brad–for the team

One response to “Encouraging the believers – Brad

  1. I have lifted all this up in prayer. So tiny a group of believers there such a great need and I pray a great hunger for our Lord will break out in Hungary. My heart goes out to the widow of that dairy co-op. Our Great Comforter bring her peace strength and direction. For Paul for his inquiring heart to filled with belief and that the Truth will grip his heart so he can know the joy we all have in Christ!

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