Fall teams head to Hungary

IMG_1153This week two groups from The Orchard will be serving the Lord in different cities around Hungary. The first team, from the Itasca Campus, has just arrived in Budapest today. They will be heading to the town of Szeged to partner with a small congregation of believers which is sponsoring a marriage conference as an evangelistic outreach to the community.

The second team from The Orchard will leave on Friday, October 24 to spend time sharing the gospel with Hungarian teenagers in Tapolca and Budapest. In Tapolca, English language camp will be the primary means to reach the students. In Budapest, there will be a two-day discipleship camp for students who have come to Christ over the past few summers at our English language camps.

Things are stark spiritually in Hungary. The years of communism have left a spiritual void. Most Hungarians have never heard the gospel. And yet there is spiritual openness. These are unique opportunities to declare the gospel to an open, yet unreached group of people.

Thanks for praying for these teams over the next two weeks! The last group returns to Chicago on November 1.

3 responses to “Fall teams head to Hungary

  1. I just prayed for the teams. I had not been seeing these posts for awhile and found them finally in a folder in gmail my Google I don’t check as I thought it was all advertising. I will be watching for these regularly and will pray on all of them. I pray for the missionaries regularly but am glad to have figured out where the emails were going.

  2. Hi Catherine- Sorry about that! Google has a tendency to sort through your emails so I’m glad you were able to find out where the updates were going! If you’d like me to walk you through how to change your settings, I’d love to help. Have a great day!
    – Alyssa Hillman, ahillman@theorchardefc.org, 224-764-4077.

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