Update from Tapolca – Christina Gabriel

Hello all! Today was another awesome day in Tapolca. We have been having great sermons from Josh and Jared. We talked about the meaning of life and how we should be living for Christ and not for our own desires. It brought up some interesting questions with the children. Today was also interesting because all of our English lessons were about Chicago. During game time we taught the kids baseball and it was a lot of fun. Tonight we had the opportunity to visit some of the campers’ houses for dinner. I went to Dorina’s house, a camper whom I have had many meaningful conversations with. We went to a festival in Tapolca, and then had delicious langosh that her father made for us. We also went on a walk around her town and saw church ruins from 400 AD. It was truly an amazing day!

I can honestly say I see God working at camp here. I have had kids ask me multiple times for my testimony and I can see their interest in the bible and in Josh and Jared’s teachings. It is really encouraging to my team and I to see these kids eager to go to chapel time, yet there are many that are still skeptical. I ask you to please pray for all of the kids, and that us leaders would make use of the last couple days of camp here. I also ask you to pray for courage as we share our testimonies. I am sad that this trip is coming to a close but I am also extremely joyful to see how we have made a difference here.

One response to “Update from Tapolca – Christina Gabriel

  1. Dear Christina, Your heart for Jesus is reflected in your message to us all. Thank you for this. May God continue to bless you and the rest of the team as you wind up this mission in Hungary. I am Elise Hooghkirk’s grandma! Praying for you all! Hugs all the way around!
    Diana Hooghkirk

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