7/28 Budapest Update – Megan Kleinschmidt

Today was the first day of the second week of camp, and although we all had a restful weekend, we all could probably say that we were still experiencing the exhaustion from the previous week. Nevertheless, even though our bodies were tired, our spirits were not. The excitement to begin another week filled with opportunities of sharing the Gospel was highly apparent in each of our team members this morning. Since we were beginning a new week, there were new campers and new experiences and conversations to be had. Brad preached from Acts chapter 16 on how God is able to open hearts. Even though we anticipated a day full of rain, God provided a beautiful, sunny afternoon for us to play dodgeball and capture the flag. To cool off, we played a game of freeze dance inside and eventually created a huge dance circle. Let’s just say that a lot of peoples’ dance moves made me feel better about my dance skills. After the kids headed home, our team debriefed, discussed how the day went, and prepared for the next day. We then scrambled to the bus stop through the pouring rain (thankfully the last of the rain we saw today!) and went back to the hotel to clean up for dinner. The place we went to dinner was probably my favorite so far. It was this precious Greek restaurant that made you question whether you were in Hungary or Greece. I enjoyed a Gyro, and we got complementary bread, watermelon, and the girls even received roses which we all squealed about and greatly appreciated. After feeling contently full, we went to the Parliament building. It was under construction last year when I went, and it is now absolutely gorgeous. We had the privilege of watching the sun set while walking along the Danube. No picture could ever capture the beauty of what we saw tonight. Brad educated us on a brief history of some of the sights we saw, one of them being a memorial built on the side of the river of shoes that represented Jews that were shot into the river during the Holocaust. Being aware of this tragic history reminded me of how our one hope is Christ and how He is the only hope for this beautiful city.

This past week, I was able to see one of the students in my class begin a personal relationship with Jesus. Even though I was not the one to pray with him, it has been such a blessing seeing how excited he is. His excitement and huge smiles have been an encouragement to me and remind me how joyful all Christians should be if we truly believe that Jesus has saved us. Praise God for this new brother in Christ and how he has been an encouragement to me already! This story relates to what God has been teaching me so far throughout this trip. I have been a little discouraged because I have not been with someone when they want to devote their lives to Christ, and it seems as though almost everyone on the team has been or has had a similar experience. Through my devotionals and through prayer, God has been reminding me to rejoice in every soul that is saved whether it is a result of my words or not. The Holy Spirit is moving here in Budapest, and I should be praising Jesus for every seed that is planted. Please continue praying for health and safety for our team, but most importantly, that the students will look at us and see Jesus.

4 responses to “7/28 Budapest Update – Megan Kleinschmidt

  1. So interesting that you mention how exhausted you all are. Last night Linnea (who is missing all of you older girls 🙂 + Nathan & Jake, of course) and I were talking about how all of you were probably still tired from pouring yourselves out last week. We prayed for extra energy for all of you for this morning and also prayed for the kids’ hearts to be softened.
    May you cling to Jeremiah 31:25 – “I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint” (NIV) and Colossians 1:29 – “For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me” (ESV).
    You keep working over there, and we’ll keep praying over here. 🙂

  2. Hi Megan,
    Please put me on your blog feed.
    I hear the desire for all to have His heart.

    • Hi Lori – So glad that you would like updates! In order to subscribe to receive email notifications, please insert your email address near the top of the page that says “Follow Blog via Email” and click Follow. If you have any questions, let us know!

  3. Megan, The exhaustion that you are experiencing just shows how God is using all of your hearts and energy and joy to His Honor and Glory. Thank you for this update. Hi to Elise and the rest of the team in Budapest. To God be all the glory of this Hungary Mission 2014. in His Love, Diana Hooghkirk See you Sunday!

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