Teaching English and Math – from Karen Zmrhal

I want to thank those who supported me, whether financially or in prayer, giving me this opportunity to work with those God has chosen to be in the English Groups and the math class at the International Christian School of Budapest!! Knowing that so many people are praying for what God has chosen me to do, has been a real blessing!

A recent theme for the adult English Group was forgiveness. Students were given 5 pictures of various actions, and were asked if this happened to them, would they be able to forgive. Some said they could not forgive. So I asked who the real “loser” is in these instances and some saw that they were the losers. I also asked, “Do you have any idea how many times you have been forgiven by God?” I love to see their faces when they understand!

I am enjoying the students at ICSB where I have been substituting for a Math teacher. The teacher sends me the lesson plans, the homework assignments, quizzes and tests, and sometimes makes a video for class. I am here to make sure the students grasp the concepts of the lessons. I’ve started going over the problems on my own which has enabled me to better answer some of their questions. It’s very time consuming but worth it to see some understanding in the kids’ faces! It’s such a blessing to be in a Christian school each day, especially when this wasn’t even the main reason I came to Budapest!

God has put me in these places. I have planted some seeds, seen some growth, but mostly likely will not see the fruit. I am sure God is well aware of the seeds.

Today, I’m leaning on You, Lord, and so thankful that You offer to exchange Your strength for my weakness.

2 responses to “Teaching English and Math – from Karen Zmrhal

  1. Thanks for sharing! It’s obvious you sense God’s call and purposes in you being there. He will do His work in you and through you!

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