Blessed in Persecution – Rosa in Greece

The theme of this year’s Operation Joshua is Blessed to be a Blessing. This was very relevant to the turbulence at the beginning of our day. Before today we encountered people who rejected the word of God, some did it with zeal and others rejected it in a little nicer way. The people in our first village today rejected us with great determination and animosity, which left us discouraged. Rejection became hostility, then physical contact, so we left our first village of the day feeling defeated.

20190709_124841It was a good thing we did not keep wallowing in our failure as even this minor set back helped build us up. One of our team members shared a verse while we were driving to our second stop. Matthew 5:11 says, “Blessed are you when others insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” This encouraged us even more then when we started. After a prayer, we moved on to our second village with a new mindset. The Orthodox priest there wanted us to leave but our translator and fellow servant, Louisa, didn’t back down. Although this village was not much different from the first, we were still able to distribute New Testament Bibles to almost every house.

IMG_0554After the not-so-friendly experience with the first two villages, our team decided to take a lunch and bathroom break so we stopped by a gas station. We quickly found out there was no restroom. We asked the worker if there was anywhere nearby that we could use the restroom. He pointed to a small cafe across the street where we were welcomed with kindness by a family. They were very hospitable and let us use their restroom and eat our lunch. We were very blessed to share the Gospel with the family and give them a Bible. We even had the privilege to pray with them. Even though we distributed fewer Bibles at the first two villages, we know that God had a plan that we didn’t know about. He led us to a family that needed to hear the gospel!

As we continued with our day, we had much friendly encounters. We truly felt God using the people in these villages to bless and encourage us. One cafe owner served our team watermelon while the Gospel message was being presented to some patrons.

Although our day was a roller coaster ride, we know that we serve a faithful God who watches over his people and fills them with strength and joy!



2 responses to “Blessed in Persecution – Rosa in Greece

  1. Rosa,
    I am both sad and happy about your experience. Just this morning I was thinking about this, when Jesus calls us to follow him it is a calling to a life of suffering. He made it real clear, didn’t he? As important as it is to get the Bibles out it is also important for you, dear Rosa and the teams to learn to suffy well by grace, in faith.
    Thank you for your faithfulness!

  2. Rosa and team, We have been praying for you all, that you would be sensitive to God’s leading, and even if the target number of Bibles are not given out, that the Word of God would impact the hearts of those who hear. Thanks for being God’s servants in Greece this summer. We praise Him for keeping you safe and encouraged.

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