Hungary Team Camp – Weekend!

WeekendThe Lord is faithful. This is my conclusion after seeing all that has happened here in Tapolca, Hungary this week. It is clear that the Hungarian students are enjoying their time here at English camp. Our team has been encouraged to see some potential sprouting of seeds while we share the Gospel to the students. The team is also supported by local Hungarian believers and missionaries who are great at showing Christ’s love in different ways. Seeing the Holy Spirit work in both ours and the students’ hearts, the weekend to reset our energy has come.

Yesterday, we spent most of the day under the hospitality of the Zacharias’ (Canadian missionary family that moved into the area last November). With their adorable four children, the team was given a tour of a local castle ruin. Since the ruin was on a hilltop, we got a great view of the area where we are serving.

From the top we can clearly see that Tapolca and the surrounding areas are still very rural, with potentials for the Gospel to spread in unmeasurable ways. I was reminded that just like how our church plant in Budapest is becoming self-sufficient through past missionary work, one day Tapolca and the surrounding area can also become a center point for Gospel-believing Christians. While most of our team was doing that, Dillon drove Aaron to Budapest to join the Greece team, and picked up Josh to join the team for the second week.

Today we started off the day with a church service where we do camp. Compared to last week’s service, we had more that joined us to worship the Lord at around 40 attenders. Dillon preached from Isaiah 6:1-9 and reminded us about the holiness of God and our response to this should be worship.

After the service, one of the camper’s mother shared that she is battling cancer while raising her son alone. Many of us formed a big prayer circle to lift up the mother and the son. By the end, the mother was tearing up from the encouragements she has received.

After service, we went to go eat lunch with the team, spent some time visiting the lake cave, and finishing up some chores. Josh already seems to have recover from jetlag and is energetic as usual. We are currently preparing for the second half of camp that is starting tomorrow morning.

Please be praying for more intentional conversations to be happening this week as the students learn about Christ. We are constantly reminded the support we receive both by prayer and financially as we see the students showing curiosity in Jesus. Thank you for your support and please continue for Tapolca to grow in the Gospel.

One response to “Hungary Team Camp – Weekend!

  1. Hi.
    Thanks for sharing!
    It gives us fresh insights into the inner workings of such a mission.
    Sounds like God is working even as you are so diligently laboring!
    We will be praying for more effective and fruitful conversations this week as your students learn about the Christ.
    Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that in the Lord your labor is not in vain.
    1 Corinthians 15:58

    Pastor Mike Dixon

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