Hungary Team Camp Day 2 – Kamren

Today was another great day of English camp! I’m with the intermediate students, and English lessons went smoothly (as they seem to be going with every group). We were able to continue to meet and get to know new students, as well as furthering relationships with old friends.

After joyful (and very loud) worship in both English and Hungarian, we got to hear a message from Dillon about the demon possessed man in Luke chapter 8. Through this story, the students got to hear about the hope, life, and change that is found as a result of the saving work of Jesus.

The big event of our day at camp was taking a hike to a lake near Hegyesd. Dillon and Heather were able to share their testimonies about the work that God has done in their lives. After that, one of the leaders of the Roma group also shared his testimony.

He shared about how he had come to know Jesus through an Indian missionary that came to his city, and the struggles that he had faced as a result of being a Roma. He told us how all he wanted was acceptance from other Hungarians, and even attempted suicide after feeling hopeless that he would ever get it. But God stepped in and broke the tree that he was trying to hang himself from. It was a very powerful story.

As we go into tomorrow and the rest of the week, please pray for God to soften the hearts of our Hungarian friends. Please pray that they would be able to understand the Gospel messages that they are hearing in chapel time. Pray for continued health and energy for our team as we go into the two hottest days of our camp. And pray for good opportunities and boldness for us to have Gospel conversations with the students over these next two weeks!


2 responses to “Hungary Team Camp Day 2 – Kamren

  1. Kamren, that is so excellent for you to be able to reconnect with some old friends! Relational witness.
    Sure hope God gives you all mercy from the hot days.
    I’ll pray for God to soften the hearts of your Hungarian friends!
    Love you guys, thanks for doing this!

  2. It is great to hear how God is working in Hungary. Our prayers are with you for these dear young people.

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