Easter in Thessalonika – Jeff and Mary

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, began with a wonderful celebration of Christ’s resurrection and a sermon, given by an Indian pastor, reminding us of the authority and power of Christ.  We were bolstered by the diversity of the celebrants and the unity of believers through Jesus Christ.  We then had an Easter feast featuring traditional Greek dishes, like roasted lamb (head!) and red-dyed Easter eggs. Conversations were focused on the amazing stories of God’s love and salvation.

The evening ended with a concert from an Israeli band named MIQEDEM.  The word means “from the east.” They play and sing in Hebrew, and only texts from the Bible.  To hear Psalm 23 sung by a band playing electric mandolin, guitar, drums, and keyboard in the original Hebrew language was uncommon.  We heard the psalm with the same words David used to praise the Lord and we were encouraged to remember that by Christ’s death and triumphant resurrection we will “dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

Jeff and Mary

2 responses to “Easter in Thessalonika – Jeff and Mary

  1. What a rich Orthodox Easter! Greek and Hebrew heritage together. We know Miqedem — one of their musicians was featured on Israel’s version of “Israel’s Got Talent” and then was interviewed on Israeli TV strongly giving her testimony of belief in Yeshua (Jesus). Such a breakthrough in a land that until recently did not look favorably on Jews believing in Jesus. God is moving. If you’re interested in Shai’s story:

  2. Jeff and Mary,
    This is wonderful to hear!
    I expect that you all had a foretaste of the coming Glory.
    That will be preceded by (Isaiah chapter 19) an event where people from even Islamic, Israeli and Gentile backgrounds will gather in a similar gathering in Egypt.
    Thanks for this reminder to our souls.
    For Jesus said, “The hour is coming when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth! The Father is SEEKING such people to worship him.” John 4:23 God’s passion for lost people, in all nations and from every language group MUST become our priority! ✝️💜🔥

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