Partners in Durres, Albania – Juliet

Durres mtg ArvidWe’re here! After almost 20 hours of travel, the Balkan Spring Mission Team made it to Durres and were warmly reconnected at the airport with our friend, Kujtim. We arrived on the first night of the conference that many Christ-following university students are attending. The team ended our first day sharing a meal with Arvid Gogaj and members from the Durres Evangelical Free Church and participating in a time of worship with young adults from all across the country of Albania. There is something very powerful about hearing Christ exalted in a different language. Even if we cannot comprehend the words being sung, we know to Whom the words are giving praise and marvel at the amazing work of the God of the Universe.

Durres sunset from hotelThank you for your prayers for safe travels. Please pray for divine conversation as we continue to fellowship with other believers, that there would be mutual encouragement pointing to the work God is doing all over the world. Please also pray for our team’s preparations as we spend time planning the events scheduled for the week – that our team would work well together, that we would find ways to serve our brothers and sisters in Christ from the church in Durres, and that the Holy Spirit would work in and through us to clearly communicate the Gospel message through our words and actions. Stay tuned!

Juliet for the Team

5 responses to “Partners in Durres, Albania – Juliet

  1. Juliet, we are so grateful to hear that you’re there and excited about what you see God doing there!
    I cannot wait to hear more about this university outreach and process. And perhaps even about the English school that will start there in September We are prayiing.

    through we are marching through

    • Am praying for Spirit empowered ministry for the team and the Gospel to fall on good soil of students hearts. Also conversations among those you communicate with where Jesus can enter in. The word never returns void and what you plant others will come along and water.
      Serve the Lord with gladness (Psalms)
      Mom Craig

  2. As I pray for you I am in contact with others who also have worked in the Balkans. May the Master of harvest raise many more people to take that big step of faith, as you have, to help reach across cultural boundaries to get the good news of Jesus to people!

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