Tapolca Team – Teen Camp Week 2 Day 3 and 4 – Abi and Morgan


Hello everyone! This week has been crazy and so much fun. We are tired and yet so full of joy. Yesterday we had a really fun afternoon doing a scavenger hunt in downtown Tapolca. Morgan and my class got the most points and had a ton of fun doing it. It was a great time of fellowship with our students and we got to have some gelato as well. I’m going to be honest—the food, especially the gelato, is so much better here.

After the scavenger hunt, Morgan and I stayed in Tapolca with one of our students named Anna who had invited us over for dinner. We were greeted warmly by her family before going into her room to chat with her.

She asked us to share our testimonies and so Morgan and I both shared how God has worked in our lives to bring us to where we are now. We talked with her about some of the message content from this week and heard a little bit about her experience in the Catholic church. She mentioned how she loved how the messages she has heard from Josh (previous years) and Dillon (this year) were engaging and always based on the Bible. I was very encouraged to hear this. I think it really goes to show the power of the Word of God!

We prayed over her and then continued to talk about her mother, who died when she was younger, and about some of the pictures on her wall. Soon, we shared a really tasty meal with her parents and young siblings. They didn’t go “all out” to entertain us, and it felt like a homey family dinner. Morgan and I both appreciated the relaxed and comfortable meal a lot.

After we finished eating, we walked down to a nearby park where we talked with Anna for a long time. We enjoyed spending time with her and we are praying that she was impacted by the time we spent with her. Please be praying for the students who have been raised in a Christian/Catholic home. A lot of them believe in God but don’t have true, saving faith. We are praying that God’s Word might stir their hearts to a deep love for Him and that they might see their desperate and constant need for God in their lives.


Today was a great but tiring day.  Abi and my class recently found a new love for pictionary.  So, that is how we started and ended the day.  However, we spent most of our class time preparing for a skit to show to the parents tonight.  Our skit was western themed.  It worked well because our class learned a lot of new vocabulary words that relate to cowboys this week.  Abi and I somehow ended up both being dogs in the skit.  The students seemed to enjoy it.  One of the students had to learn how to lasso for the skit, which he had a fun time practicing his accuracy on different objects.

Dillon’s message this morning was on James 4:13-17.  The main point of his message was, “prideful planning is self-sufficient, but humble planning is God dependent.”  It is so easy for me to plan what I want my future to look like based on my own desires.  This message was a great encouragement for me to keep surrendering all of my life and desires to Him daily.  I am praying this message also encourages the teens that are here this week.  I know as a teenage is it easy to plan how you want the rest of your life to go, but the Lord calls us to submit our future to him.

We had parent night this evening.  All of the classes came up with some sort of performance to show their parents the English they have learned over the past couple of weeks.  All of the classes did amazing!  Abi and I also had the opportunity to lead everyone in the camp’s favorite worship song, “Grace on Top of Grace.”  The teens loved dancing and singing along in front of their parents.

One of the Hungarian translators shared with everyone how the Lord had changed his life as a teen.  A lot of students may be able to relate to who he was before he accept Christ as Lord of his life.  Dillon also gave a short summary of what he has been preaching on over the past two weeks.  I pray that it struck some of the parents’ hearts that causes them to seek God.  It was a great evening meeting parents and spending some extra time with the students.

I cannot believe camp is almost already over! Please continue to pray for the students’ hearts to be changed by what they have heard this week, energy and strength for tomorrow, and an amazing last day at camp.  Thank you for all of the support and prayer! It is greatly appreciated!

One response to “Tapolca Team – Teen Camp Week 2 Day 3 and 4 – Abi and Morgan

  1. Abi, Morgan,
    Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give us this prayer information. “Tired” is good because a Bible Proverb says that the sleep of the laboring person is sweet. Agreed? (Ecclesiastes 5:12)
    It is sweet that you were invited into Anna’s home! You guys are really having an impact in the hearts and minds of young people.
    You are doing something that happened 2,000 years ago, not too far from where you are now. Of Paul we read: “After they had preached the gospel in that town and made many disciples, they returned to Lystra, to Iconium, and to Antioch, strengthening the disciples by encouraging them to continue in the faith and by telling them, “It is necessary to go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God.”
    Acts 14:21-22
    I will pray what you requested. “The gift of God is eternal life.”

    Pastor Mike Dixon
    “I Now Pronounce You” Weddings http://www.INowPronounceYou.US

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