Hungary Apex Team – First Stop: Minneapolis

Hello Friends and Supporters!

Kamren, Krista and I (Dillon) are excited to be embarking on our 7-week (6 weeks in Hungary plus one in Minneapolis) summer trip!  We left Monday afternoon to make the roughly five hour drive to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We were greeted at the EFCA national headquarters by the Apex staff and the other Apex participants, coming literally from coast to coast (there’s a group from California and one person from North Carolina!).


Monday thru Thursday night this week we have training with the Apex staff before we head off to Hungary on Friday, June 16th.  Our first day here is a good picture of what the rest of our time to here will be like.  We spent our morning getting introduced to the Apex mission statement and looking through the Bible at God’s heart for reaching the world through the proclamation of the Gospel.  We spent some time in prayer during orientation for each of the teams and for their respective locations: Greece, Germany, Hungary, Tanzania, Texas and New Orleans.

During the rest of our time here we will have some training on culture, more time in the Word, some team building activities and some other administrative things for our summer.  We will continue to pray with one another, and prepare our hearts to serve this summer.

On that note, please be in prayer for us this week along those lines.  Pray that God would embolden us for service this summer.  Pray that he would work in our hearts this week so that we would have an unstoppable passion for seeing the Gospel proclaimed in Hungary.  Also pray for our physical and spiritual protection!

Thanks so much to all of you for your prayers and support!  We will send another update once we land in Hungary!

– Dillon Mack

2 responses to “Hungary Apex Team – First Stop: Minneapolis

  1. Paise God for you. I will pray for you. My name is Roger Eales and I served with Reach Global for 40 years…1964-2004. In retirement I’ve been privileged to serve short term in Hungary five times. In 2007 my wife and I did English for 10 weeks working in the ministry center in Budapest. Then I went to a small town Tapolca four times for English. I’m excited for you as I know what a great experience God has prepared for you. I will be praying for you as I receive your updates. Enjoy you training week.

  2. Grateful for every member of this team – praying God works in and through you mightily this month!

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