Balkan Autumn Team

From September 15-25, 2017, a mission team of six people from The Orchard will teach, pray, encourage, and serve alongside our church planting partners in Albania. In order to strengthen and encourage their gospel-proclaiming work in the city of Durrës, our team will help start an ongoing English outreach ministry to children, students and adults from the surrounding community. They also plan to visit several church planters in and around Durrës as well as along the Via Egnatia in Albania.

southern AlbaniaThe Via Egnatia is an ancient road nearly 700 miles long stretching from Durrës, Albania, to Istanbul, Turkey. It’s our prayer that the Lord will appoint more workers to the church planting teams in this area, both short-term and long-term. This team will also seek the Lord’s direction concerning The Orchard’s future church planting partnerships in years to come in an area along the Via Egnatia in Macedonia, across northern Greece, past the ancient city of Philippi all the way to Istanbul.

Pray for discernment and wisdom as the team serves and prays. To support the team financially, click here. Specify your contribution to the Balkan Autumn Mission Team.

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