Kids Camp in Tapolca – Krista

IMG_1728Hello everyone! Kamren, Delaney and I had a restful week in between teen camp and kids camp. Along with the rest, we were able to have two Bible studies for the teen campers we invited, one on prayer and one from Ephesians. We were encouraged by the 20 and 17 teens who attended, and one of them accepted Christ in between the two studies!

IMG_1893We have also had a great first week of kids camp. We played lots of games, listened to many Bible stories in Hungarian, did crafts, and are connecting well with the kids campers. There are seventy 8-12 year olds who bring us joy every day! You can be praying for the campers to memorize their Bible verses and that the Word is hidden deep in their hearts. Pray that we can share the gospel through our actions toward them as they speak very little English. Please pray for our last Sunday school that we will teach this weekend. We invited the whole camp of kids to come to church and we asked them to invite their families. Also pray for our last Bible study this coming Wednesday. We will share about the Church and Colossians 3. Pray for salvation and growth! Thanks for all your prayers and support!


2 responses to “Kids Camp in Tapolca – Krista

  1. Krista,
    Good to hear another report, including the kids camp! I am sure looking forward to seeing you guys at Barrington church soon.
    Wow- encouraging about the teens who accepted Christ in between the two studies!
    I will pray for your last Sunday school tomorrow and the Bible study this coming Wednesday!

  2. I am praying for you, and the children and young adults. May God’s Word go forth, and enter many hearts. May they receive Jesus Christ!

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