Church Planting in Albania – Dave B.

170311_083242_COLLAGE-1The mission of The Orchard’s Balkan partner, Radstock, is to connect churches for global gospel mission. Last Wednesday through Friday, I attended their annual meeting in Durres to exchange ideas and to learn from other churches. In attendance were about 55 men and women representing Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Ireland, Macedonia, Mongolia (yes, Mongolia!), Ukraine, UK and the US. We were nourished from God’s Word by pastors from the US and UK, both challenging and encouraging. We also were lead in stirring worship singing by several local pastors!

In the photos you will see Arvid Gogaj (bottom left) and Besmir Gorrea (top right) presenting on the topic of church planting and multiplication. Arvid is leading the church plant in Durrës, which The Orchard is supporting through prayer, service and financial support (Thrive). Arvid sends his thanks for the blessing of our church’s partnership. Kujtim and Lauren will soon be joining the team here. Besmir serves at the Durrës sister church in Sukth.

On Friday, we were in the ancient city of Berat, about an hour and a half south of Durrës. Artur Tushi leads three local churches in different nearby cities. You will see in the pictures the team on top of a hill where we stopped for coffee and to hear from Artur about the city. This castle or fort was built in the 12th century and still has residents to this day.

On Saturday, I went to Cerrök to meet with pastor Kristian Kotorri to learn more about his church plants, to pray and encourage him.

Prayer requests:

  1. The church planters/leaders in Albania need additional financial support to grow more disciples/leaders. Praise God for the growth of His church and pray for provision.
  2. Pray for discernment and wisdom so I can encourage the church leaders I meet and learn more about how The Orchard can contribute through prayer and service.
  3. Pray for the Radstock Coaching workshop on Monday and Tuesday that the Lord will use me in the session I will lead, and for helping with the rest the workshop.

Blessings in Christ,


2 responses to “Church Planting in Albania – Dave B.

  1. Dave, we support Kujtim and are trying to learn more about the spiritual climate in Durres. We pray for Heather Lee J. and her wonderful prayer foci newsletters do a lot to help fuel a passion for that great but broken city. How I thank God that you attended, shared and will follow up on raising the banner of Christ’s Balkan cause in these upcoming years. May it THRIVE!

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