Albania Team Prepares – Alyssa


Our team of ten is looking forward to finally being all together March 10–18 in Durres, Albania. The team is currently spread out over two different states and two countries–Pete & Carla and Patrik & Viola in Hungary. Our time will be focused on children’s outreach, high school and college student outreach, English clubs, handy-man tasks around the new ministry center, and plenty of time in prayer for the Durres Evangelical Church and surrounding areas.

As we are in the final days of preparation, please pray for:

  • Creativity and wisdom as we prepare for multiple children’s ministries activities and student outreach.
  • The Lord to bring children, families and students to the many activities that we are planning.
  • Strength and peace as the team members prepare for being gone from home and work for ten days.
  • The remaining funds for this trip to come in.

Thank you!

Alyssa for the Albania Team

One response to “Albania Team Prepares – Alyssa

  1. Alyssa, God speed and supply to you all! Philippians 1:19- “… prayers and the help of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.”

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