Pray for Students at Camp – Julie

Pic of village

Yesterday was a day of preparation for our team and praying over the English Camp. We spent quality time in prayer walking around Hegyesd, then went to the ministry center to eat lunch, prepare for camp, and enjoy some time with the Koehnkes and the Benjamins.

Today was the first day of English Camp, and it was truly a success! We had 11 students, only missing one, and lessons went smoothly. Though short on two translators today, it did not deter us from beginning and renewing relationships with the students. After a great message from Dillon on the Lamb of God, we spent the afternoon with the students; playing dodgeball, sitting by the lake listening to Brad Mullet’s testimony, taking a walk around the lake, and all in all, enjoying interactions with the students.

Please be lifting up the students in prayer as we have three more days to minister to them. Pray that their hearts would open to the message of the Gospel that Dillon and Sam are sharing. Pray that despite the language barrier the team would have many opportunities to share our personal testimonies. And please keep the villages of Tapolca and Hegyesd in your prayers, for those serving the Lord here and for the seeds being planted, that they would take root in hearts ready to hear God’s Word.


One response to “Pray for Students at Camp – Julie

  1. Julie, thank you for that update.
    It’s very exciting that the English camp is occurring, and that the kids are showing up. I am sure that they hold you workers in high regard!
    Your priority upon prayer is it such a challenge to us to keep praying for you, with you. Though many miles separate us, our hearts are there!
    I was so glad to see the picture— it looks like there’s a church steeple in the town, but I’ve heard it’s not so.
    I pray Genesis 11:6 for you guys- Unity, good communications, and hard work. It’s clear that the final part is happening. Hang in there!

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