Tapolca – Day 6 – Nick E.

After a fantastic first week of camp, the Tapolca team got a well-deserved rest. We had a lazy morning as we didn’t have anything planned until lunch time.  After a long sleep and a relaxing lunch of sandwiches with cold-cuts, chips and some other assorted foods, we had the chance to walk around in Tapolca.  Most of our team ended up finding local coffee shops and getting something to drink while enjoying the scenic views around Tapolca.  After that, we had dinner and came back to our two-week home.Swag.jpg

Our entire team has had a terrific time half-way through the trip, and things are looking good for the second half. I have been impressed with everyone, being able to be flexible and accommodating in everything from lesson planning to the small living space. The cooperation and Christ-like attitude that I have seen has made this a wonderful example of what a missions trip should be. It is truly a blessing to be working with such fantastic individuals.

I have seen the Lord do many mighty things this first week. I have been so encouraged to see the gospel proclaimed in this country, and it had warmed my heart to see the campers here sing praises to Jesus (even if they don’t know all the words that they are singing). Despite any language or cultural barriers, the good news of Jesus Christ still has power! I have especially loved our time in small groups each day, talking about the sermon that Josh or Dillon gave. The questions that have been asked in that group show that people are truly thinking through the gospel message.

I have also seen the Lord change me over this past week. Initially, I was, to be honest, quite scared to be answering questions about God and his word. I was worried that I would give a wrong answer, or an incomplete answer, or not even have an answer at all. Thinking through my worries, I came to realize that God was bigger than any inadequacy that I might have. On the other hand, I also was humbled to be shown that God is also bigger than my strengths. If I am able to do something for the Kingdom of God, how can I take pride in that if God himself is the one who provides me with the gifts and opportunities and strength to do anything? And that has led me to a greater appreciation of God, and a less-self-reliant view of my work for Christ.

We thank you all for the prayers and support that allows us to be here and work with these wonderful kids! If you could keep our team in your prayers, that we would be able to work together to share the gospel effectively, and that the kids would have open hearts and minds, that would be fantastic.

2 responses to “Tapolca – Day 6 – Nick E.

  1. “God is also bigger than my strengths” – great thought that we always need to be brought back to. Since we have such a big God, let’s pray big prayers for Tapolca. Ones that can’t be answered by our own devices!!

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