Team Arrives in Belgrade – Dan

Team Pic - rotatedThe Balkan Summer  Mission Team, lead by Brad Mullet, arrived in Belgrade, Serbia at 8pm on Monday and met our local missionary, Danielle McBride. We enjoyed a relaxed meal at a local restaurant and discussed the local church and culture.

On Tuesday, Danielle took the team of seven on a tour of Belgrade. We walked 9 total miles  and took opportunities to stop, meet and pray for national brothers and sisters in Christ who are actively serving the Lord in their full time ministries. Married couple Erol and Tanya, and Dusan were among the believers we met with. We visited the local courtroom that Danielle’s church rents for weekly services, checked out the school where she teaches English and prayed over both. Our tour included stops at the local Orthodox Church and historical Kalemegdan Fortress which provided unique perspectives into the culture and helped direct our prayers appropriately. A bus ride back to the hotel capped off a long and hot day in which we found ourselves physically exhausted yet spiritually refreshed.

Dan Benson

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