30 Students in Camp – Jared

Camp is going great! We have 30 students this week. The Budapest team that Betsy is developing is awesome! We had a really great bonding time last night and went to bed pumped about being able to share the gospel with the Tapolca youth.

Yesterday I was very encouraged after preaching 1 John 2:1-6. I preached on what it looks like to be a Christian. The couple of guys out here that have said they know and love Jesus were very built up by the message and thanked me for it.

Juli leading sm grpToday was gloomy and cold and we were pretty tired, but it was still a great day of ministry. You can tell the kids feel perfectly comfortable with us at this point as they are talking much more…including when they are not supposed to. 🙂 Juli had to leave today because she has an MRI tomorrow in Budapest that is very difficult to reschedule. We are sad she had to go as she is so outgoing, fun and unashamed of the gospel!

One prayer request we have is that someone in the village passed away this week and we are being told we have to be out of Hegyesd Hall by Friday at 11am so they can do the funeral service. Pray for the family and for our camp.

It has been a good week so far and we are looking forward to what Christ is going to do the rest of the week!


2 responses to “30 Students in Camp – Jared

  1. Jared,
    I rejoice at the progress of the gospel there in the hearts of the youth. In
    the two pictures I have not seen any young men yet. Are there boys in the camp ?
    “I pray in the name of the Lord Jesus that God would provide for you the suitable place to meet since the funeral has come up.”
    God bless you guys!

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