English Camp Begins in Tapolca

IMG_20151023_162543996_HDRFall English Camp begins tomorrow in Tapolca! The Orchard’s team, Jared, Dillon, and Aaron, arrived safely in Budapest yesterday after a 2 hour delay at O’Hare caused them to miss their connection in London. After a good night’s sleep in the apartment at the Ministry Center, they attended the morning worship service at Danube International Church. Making a quick trip to Vaci Street in downtown Budapest, they arrived back to hear that Aaron’s lost luggage was found and delivered!

The Orchard team and Betsy’s Budapest team, eight people in total, will meet this afternoon for preparation and prayer for the upcoming week of camp. They will drive out to Tapolca (about 2 hours from Budapest) to join Shaun and Sondi who have made all the local preparations for the camp. Over 30 students will be attending.

Please ask the Lord for spiritual and leadership development of the Budapest team, for Jared and Dillon as they bring the messages each day, for Aaron as he helps lead worship, and that campers will hear the gospel and respond. Thank you!

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