Final Post from the 2015 Zsambok Team

Dear Fellow Workers For the Truth,
I write from a train out of Hungary, leaving my team of workers there and on my way to meet the workers you are sending to the harvest fields of Kosovo.
While in Hungary, more than once, mention was made of the glory God revealed in the sunflower, always turning to face the sun. Further, our high school physics teacher/musician/chapel speaker,Tim Patterson was ready with a fascinating description of God’s design in how the flower grows while facing the sun.  We just had to take pictures!
Wheat fields are being harvested as we travel thru the countryside delivering the Gospel in confidence that souls will be harvested. In order to take advantage of a photo opportunity in a sunflower field on our way to our open air evangelism event, on the last night of camp, I attempted to drive our van across a summer fallow field. Big mistake!, the field was soft, 50 yards into the field the van bogged down, we lost our momentum, and the wheels started to spin. Everybody piled out to push me to solid ground, and then the picture taking.  It was a good reminder to me: stick to solid ground, keep your momentum, don’t spin your wheels and get stuck…ask others to give you a push.
Oh, that we would ask Christ to give us a push. Oh, that we would face the Son and grow like the sunflower! Oh, that we would be bold proclaimers of the Gospel and bring in His harvest.
Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for sending us. Thank you for the push your prayer and financial support provided. Thanks be to the Son who makes us grow!

IMG_20150710_190701Most securely in Christ,

Brad Mullet

3 responses to “Final Post from the 2015 Zsambok Team

  1. Brad, your work in Hungary is so thrilling, now it’s doubly exciting that you’re getting to go to Kosovo to lead and equip as our team arrives‬. God speed! We’re so grateful for your work on behalf of the Orchard and more particular the worldwide kingdom of Christ!
    Mike Dixon
    “And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:11-12‬

  2. Brad,
    Inspiring word pictures you paint for the cause of the Kingdom. Excited to hear what this meant to Feri and the church in Zsambok. Thanks be to God for all the things that were accomplished these last three weeks in Hungary. Safe journeys for all returning to the US and your team in Kosovo. What a summer of seed planting has been done! Thanks to the leaders and students who have expended themselves for Jesus this summer!

    • Well said, my friend. I was blessed to soak up the wisdom you shared during our trip to Zsambok, and I’m grateful that you shared this post. So true!

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