Budapest – 7/14/2015 – Nick Losch

Summary of the day: Today at English camp, we had Mark speak to us. He is a missionary from Nebraska who leads the ReachGlobal team in Budapest. His message was memorable due to linking it to the Youtube video featuring the phrase, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” He linked the video to his message by saying that Christians don’t have time for sin. After lunch and during afternoon games we had a leader scavenger hunt at the Covered Market. The purpose of the scavenger hunt was to find ten leaders (who were hiding in plain sight) within one hour. Due to some expert costume skills, Sharon was only found by one group. After English camp the Hungarian leaders and English leaders both got to go to Allee Mall for a wonderful dinner. It was good to spend time with the fantastic Hungarians who have the same goal as us, to teach English and preach the Word of God.

wpid-CAM00348.jpgFun story: Like I mentioned, instead of outdoor games, the classes took the Metro to downtown Budapest and spent a few hours searching for leaders hiding in the Covered Market and Vacsi Street. As the classroom groups went around it was very common to walk right by leaders without knowing it. For instance, one girl walked by Sharon, bumped her arm, said sorry, and didn’t even notice it was her. During this game the students had tons of fun!

The best thing that I’ve taken away from this week would be that God answers prayers. I learned first hand that often times prayers aren’t answered right away but some prayers are answered in hours, days, months and sometimes, years. At the end of each day, our team meets to talk about the Hungarian students we’ve met and talked with that day, and to pray for them. What’s encouraging is that every day we have more and more students to pray for.  Please join us as we pray that we would have the words to say that spark conversations and the ability to answer questions as they come!

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