Budapest – 7/12/2015 – Gwen Terrett

Today we had a relaxing day spending time with one another. After sleeping in, we had a lovely lunch at the mall. Then we went to Kegy church where we heard a great sermon from Brad and prepared for our second week of camp. Finally, in the evening we took the Metra to an amazing Italian restaurant for dinner.

One fun thing we did today was celebrate Dorothy’s birthday. At the Italian restaurant, we bought Dorothy a slice of chocolate cake and sang Happy Birthday to her. We even brought candles for her to blow out. Dorothy, being generous as always, offered everyone a taste of her birthday gift. It was delicious.

IMG_20150712_150019Each day here in Hungary God has been teaching me something new, and today God taught me the power of encouragement. Before church our team got in a circle and went around and shared one positive thing about each person. Usually I am not the one open for praise, but what we did today was exactly what I needed. Not only did it help me reflect on this past week and think about how God has been working in all of us but it also motivated me for this coming week of camp.

One response to “Budapest – 7/12/2015 – Gwen Terrett

  1. Gwen, that is a very nice report. It’s so encouraging to see the work of God in the lives of emerging adults and we know you all will have an impact far beyond what we could’ve dreamed!
    Pastor Mike

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