Bug in the Ear

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “let me put a bug in your ear.”  After a recent adventure for one of our teammates, it took on a whole new meaning. Last night after a full day of camp, we all had supper in a nearby village. After supper, a flying insect made an emergency landing in Mark Graves ear canal and crawled to a stop at the eardrum. Said insect commenced scratching and clawing its way into his cranium.  Fortunately even ice cream shops in Hungary have homemade pálinka (strong distilled spirits), so the boys held him down and the team doctor poured the spirit into his ear.  In no time at all the insect ceased to struggle against the spirit.  A good lesson was learned by all about the effect of the spirit as opposed to the effect of the Spirit. In God’s kindness to Mark, the father of two Hungarian students attending the English camp is a real doctor.  When they heard of the deceased bug in the ear, the missionary in Tapolca drove Mark to the doctor whereupon the spirited bug was cleansed by water from Mark’s ear.
  The son of this doctor, pictured in the background, professed faith in Christ at the English camp last  year, THAT is the power of the Spirit.
  These are the occasions that life affords us to spread the Gospel. Pray for more workers to this harvest field!
The Zsámbok Team


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