Getting settled in Tapolca – Neal

Tapolca Campers 062915Today was the second day of Teen English Camp in Tapolca and our fourth day in Hungary.  There has already been obvious improvement among the students, with the students opening up significantly more than they were yesterday.  Students were more willing to talk, both during breaks and during discussion, and more students participated in our games.  Dillon preached today, with the message being about the Pharisee and the tax collector.  The Pharisee prayed proudly, while the tax collector begged for forgiveness.  It was a very good sermon on humility, and was well received by the students.

Everybody was a little more comfortable with each other at camp today, and especially with our team.  In addition, we were a bit more confident in our teachings, with things being a bit easier then yesterday.   With temperatures rising, we decided to go to Lake Balaton today after class was over. The water was refreshingly cold and everybody had a great time. Everybody is still doing well, with no injuries to speak of.        


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