Believe and confess – Carla

We arrived home from a wonderful and encouraging meeting in Vienna with Brad Mullet and others from The Orchard serving in Hungary, to our last week in Tapolca. Friday evening we started our weekend with dinner plans with Erika and Sylvester. We have found them to be great friends and we all have enjoyed one another’s company. But, more importantly, Pete took the opportunity share his testimony with them. Finding that we had many common life experiences allowed us to enter into deeper spiritual conversation that acknowledged God has been looking out for us and has been good to us. We pray that “God-acknowledgement” will grow into a loving and trusting personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

On Saturday and Sunday, I got to experience Unicum – enough said. When that didn’t help however, I went to the  pharmacy! 🙂 Then, I was facing my last meeting with Ramona who still said she wasn’t sure what to think about all we had read in the Bible and talked about. Pete has also developed a nice friendship with Ramona so I asked if he would join us for our last “coffee date”. God was good to us in that last meeting – we laughed so hard we cried, and we just cried too. We prayed together (Ramona has prayed with me the last 3 times) and asked the Lord together to open Ramona’s eyes to the truth and to remove all confusion.

hegyesdTuesday was a beautiful hike up a mountain I can’t name, returning to attend our last Bible study. We have been praying for “Charlie” who attends regularly but has never said what he thinks about Jesus. I’ve had my suspicions that he does believe but isn’t willing to commit to it – confess it. I even mentioned that verse(“if you believe in your heart, and confess with your mouth…”) in prayer once as the team was praying for him. Then last night during the study the conversation was directed to that topic and I quoted that verse without even remembering about Charlie. When I turned he was looking right at me and said, “If you don’t say it, then you can change your mind. But if you say it, then you mean it.” I replied, “Exactly,” knowing the Lord was at work. Pray that Charlie will confess Christ and commit wholeheartedly to the Lord!

Tonight we look forward to a team dinner at the Carlaw’s house and prepare for all our good byes for the last English class. All I can say is that Colossians 1:29 really spoke to me when I read this morning: “For this I toil, struggling with all his energy that he powerfully works within me.”


Pete and Carla

3 responses to “Believe and confess – Carla

  1. Carla, Thanks for a wonderful report and for your faithfulness as a team, husband and wife, as you work to share the gospel and impact those whom God has placed in your path. Remember some plant and some water but God is in control of the outcome. Hope you have a blessed goodbye. Looking forward to some first hand stories.

  2. Love, love, love your encouraging reports. I’m sure you realize your life will never be the same and part of you will always be in Hungary. 🙂 Enjoying the postcard you sent. What a surprise!

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