HS Hungary Team Recap

From The Budapest Team
By Brad Wetherell, Pastor of Student Ministries, Arlington Heights Campus

Well, we’ve been home for over a week now and had a chance to work off the jet lag, get back into life in the U.S., and reflect on all that God did in Hungary this summer. Our time in Budapest was phenomenal. As parents, church members, family, and friends involved in their lives, you need to know that God has used your effort to raise up amazing students who are passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I’m so proud of them, and I trust you are as well.

In Budapest we were blessed to see the power of the gospel to save many Hungarians, the effectiveness of prayer, and the joy of serving in love and unity. I’m so excited to see our students bring this fresh confidence in Christ back to their lives at The Orchard or off at college. The Lord will continue to use them as he already has. Thank you for your prayers, your encouragement, and all your support. Please continue pray for KEGy (the church in Budapest), for Mark Revell’s team, and for our very own for Betsy Melchers as they work to follow up with the students from camp. Thank you!!

From The Tapolca Team
By Josh Newton, Pastor of Student Ministries, Barrington Campus

Now that we are back to the U.S. and getting ready for fall, I want to take a moment to thank you for all your prayers and support. God moved in some amazing ways in and through our team at Tapolca. With this being the first time we’ve run an English camp here, it was primarily a year of planting and watering seeds of the Gospel. But we are excited to report that at least two kids made first time commitments to follow Christ and many more have told us they are committed to investigating the claims of Christ in his word.

I was so encouraged by the fact that the kids in Tapolca were surprised by the joy they saw in our students. I heard the question asked a half dozen times to multiple students, “Why are you so happy all the time?” Each time our students shared the reason for their hope and joy, Jesus.

We are confident that the Lord is doing a mighty work. Continue to pray for Tapolca. They are in great need of believers and a gospel proclaiming church. It broke my heart to tell Peter and his mom that I knew of no churches he could attend to follow up with what he learned during the camp. Pray that the Lord would raise up someone to go and be the pastor they need, or that one would emerge from the community.

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