7/7/13 Update from Katie Evensen

Well, we’re here! The travel here went smoothly and we are slowly but surely getting over jetlag. Today, we slept in and grabbed breakfast at our hotel, Hotel Ventura. The bread was AMAZING and it paired with eggs, some type of meat, and what appeared to be cocoa puffs. We had a quick team meeting with a devo from Brad, and then we went off to a restaurant called Ariba for some scrumptious Mexican food.

Then, we went to KEGy, the ministry center, and had a church service with the Hungarians. It was so powerful to be worshipping in different languages and take communion together. Only a little taste of the many cross-cultural experiences for this trip!

It was really fun to see some of the translators again and catch up. We had a pizza dinner with them and went over some camp details, found out what rooms we will be teaching in, and we got our class list.

When we got back to the hotel tonight, we went on a quick gelato run. Right now, as I am writing this, everyone is in my room playing psychiatrist (a hilarious group game), but we should probably go to sleep and get rested for our FIRST DAY TOMORROW! I can’t wait to see the Hungarian students again tomorrow, and see what the Lord has in store for us for these two weeks!

One response to “7/7/13 Update from Katie Evensen

  1. We found it amazing to be worshiping at The Orchard at the same time your team was worshiping at KEGy across the Atlantic! May Jesus be your focus tomorrow as you lead others.

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