First Post from Karen Zmrhal

Hungary greeted me with a refreshing light rain and a delightful Mark Revell who picked me up at the airport and took me to what was going to be my home the next three months. I was greeted by a delightful 2 BR apt with lots of windows and room for everything I brought with me. It is handy to everything – 1-2 blocks to the bus to the Ministry Center, the store, and LOTS of beautiful buildings, museums, concert halls, St. Gellert Hill, etc. There is also a small store 2 blocks away. And the ICS Budapest School right across the street. Jodi, Mark’s wife, took me to the store to get some groceries – the last time I would have use of a car for groceries for quite awhile. Jodi and Mark Revell took Brad Mullet’s place as the Budapest team leader.

The first Sunday, Tom and Pam Wolski (from the Barrington Campus) and I went to the Danube International Church. It is in English and has many, many missionaries who attend. The people are very friendly. They had a luncheon that day for no other reason than to get to know other people. Then at 4:30 went back to the Hungarian KEGY Church that John Secrest started 20 years ago. Both services are 1 ½ hrs. long and both churches meet in the same building, which is about a 15-20 min bus ride – and then either walk about 8 blocks, or transfer to another bus for a few more stops. I’m getting used to using different forms of public transportation!

Many Hungarians want to learn English, so the KEGY started Adult English Clubs about 4-5 years ago. We start in a large circle and do a word game, or paper game, ice breaker, etc., then have some suti (pastries). We have the students divided into several groups depending on their level of English. Tom and Pam Wolski put the lessons together. Topics have included, “The Challenge of Communication” and “God Created the Perfect World?” I have the highest level English speaking Hungarians and we have had some absolutely wonderful discussions.

Here’s an example of one lesson: My Monday night group was small but we got thru the assigned work about how God created the world. They were supposed to design what they would like as a perfect world. The lady wasn’t thinking of just nature but in her perfect world there would be no killings, no diseases, no hurricanes, no tsunamis, etc. So I took them back to Adam and Eve in the Garden and the rules God had given them. God gave us choices. So God also gave us a perfect world, but what have we humans done with His Perfect World? I also told them of times in the old testament when there were years of famine because they did not listen to God and were worshipping other gods, etc. A wonderful conversation! It was something for them to think about. In one Friday morning group we got into the fact that the snake told Eve it was OK to eat from the tree of knowledge. Eve chose to take Satan’s advice and also told Adam about it. From there we went on to talk more about our choices and whether we are taking advice from worldly men or from the Holy Spirit (God’s advice)? I gave them some homework to “ponder” – a new word for them – why the world today is not like the world God created. We talked about whether we should make decisions because of our peers/family or whatever or make decisions from a ‘godly” perspective – and what does that mean? Do you want to be in my class too?

There are many things competing for my attention, but as I bring them to the Lord, I’m relying on his direction to know what to do and what to leave undone. With my whole heart, I desire that Jesus will live through me. Thanks for your prayers!

Karen Z.

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