Home is Where Your Heart Is!

The English speaking, Danube Church here in Budapest is populated with many ex- pats from the United States. Most of these ex-pats are full time missionaries that have been here in Budapest for several years.  Whenever I ask one of them “Where is home?” quite a few of them will just give me a blank stare at first and then say “Not sure, I have been on the mission field here for so long I don’t know if I can say that I can call any place my real home now.”

At first this response seemed strange to me, and I even felt a little sorry for them..not having a place that they could call home. But the more I thought about this, of not having a place that they could call home, it occurred to me that this actually works out to their advantage.  As Christians we are taught that ultimately this earth is not our home. Heaven is our real home for eternity. Unfortunately, we sometimes get so caught up in our own lifestyles and so attached to the things of this earth that the thought of leaving earth to go live in a better place (heaven) doesn’t really register in our own thinking. But for those missionaries who don’t have an earthly “home” allows them to focus more on their heavenly home. If we would consider the words of Jesus in Matthew 24 we would heed his advice. He told us to be alert, and to be ready for His return when the end time signs are upon us. Looking at world events and the crazy weather patterns of tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes all increasing in frequency and intensity , I think that these events match up with those end time signs mentioned in Matt 24. In light of current events it would be wise to be watching for the Lord’s return so that we could go with Him to our real home.

Finally, the story has been told of a young Jewish man, David, from New York. He had made a lot of money in the stock market at an early age and he became disenchanted with life and all that money could buy. He began to look for meaning to his life besides making money.  He went to Israel in search of finding some sort of fulfillment, and after about a week of traveling in Israel he sat down at an outdoor café in Jerusalem. The waiter asked hilm why had he come to Israel, and so the young Jewish man told him “I came here looking for some kind of sense of fulfillment …maybe in discovering my Jewish roots, but so far I am very dissapointed with my trip. The waiter responded “You need to go see Rabbi Finnstein, he lives just two blocks down the street, and I will call and tell him that you are coming. “ David reluctantly agreed to go see him, and so he ended up walking down to his house and knocking on his door. The elderly Jewish Rabbi greeted David warmly and said “Come in, I have been expecting you.” Upon entering his house David noticed that there were only a few sticks of furniture, and he turned to the Rabbi and asked “Where is all of your furniture. The Rabbi quickly retorted “Where is all of your furniture’.  “My furniture?” David asked “I am just a tourist…I’m just passing through.”  With that the Rabbi looked him straight in the eyes and said “And so am I !”

It is good to be reminded that we are “just passing through” and that heaven is our real home. Let’s keep our hearts focused on the things that really matter!

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