Fall Hungary Missions Team

Fall Hungary Missions Team

THREE DAYS until this team is off to Budapest, Hungary! As they create lesson plans and gauge how much candy they can fit in their suitcases; here are some answers to some common questions:

Where are you going? We are teaching a fall English camp at the Kelenföld Evangelical Free Church (KEGy) located in Budapest, Hungary.

What are you doing? Teaching English is a proven way to gain a hearing for the gospel in Hungary. We will teach English and engage in conversation with Hungarian teens with the hope of sharing Christ through our life story. Brad W. and Josh N. will teach a leadership track for some students the KEGy youth group.

Why now? Next week is the Hungarian national fall break, so all of the students are off school. This is the perfect time to hold a fall English camp!

How much time will you be with the students? ALL DAY! We will be teaching English/Leadership in the mornings, have worship/teaching/small groups before lunch, eat together and then play games/sports/activities until they are dismissed around 3:30 p.m.

How often are you going to update this blog? We hope to have someone from the team write a post once a day.

How can we be praying for the team? Great question!

  • Pray that our team (arriving on four different planes) get to Budapest quickly and safely.
  • Pray for our future students, that they are open to hearing the good news of Christ and see His love made visible through us.
  • Pray that the camp will be filled to capacity of 45 students aged 14-19.
  • Pray that our team can be an encouragement to The Orchard missionaries (both short/long-term) who are serving in Budapest.

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