Tom Wolski Medical Update

Last Sunday, Tom Wolski was taken to a hospital with symptoms of a heart attack. It was determined that he needed surgery and received two stents for 40% and 60% blocked arteries. Mark Revell, our full-time missionary in Budapest, sent us this report today:

Thank you for your concern about Tom Wolski. I am happy to let you know that Tom continues to recover nicely at the Semmelweis University Heart Hospital near Városmajor in Budapest. He is receiving excellent treatment, and thankfully is able to speak in English with the doctors. Pam is handling things quite well, feeling a real sense of peace about the whole situation. She is able to visit Tom every day. We learned today that Tom will probably remain in the hospital for at least two more days, although he was moved from ICU to a regular room earlier today. Also, I am very thankful to share that at this point it seems as if the hospital will accept Tom’s US medical insurance and will process the claim directly. This is also a huge answer to prayer!

Please continue to pray for the Wolskis as Tom continues to recover at their home in Budapest. Pray for opportunities to share the gospel during this time of recovery. Pray for both Tom and Pam to experience God’s peace and to know that we are praying for them.

3 responses to “Tom Wolski Medical Update

  1. Thanks for the update on Tom! Wow…well, God was not surprised by this event. And He surely was looking out for Tom with good medical care and doctors who speak English, and a hospital that accepts US insurance! A friend of mine had a stent put in when he had a heart attack and he was back to normal within a week or two. Praying for quick healing and for God to use this in their witness for Jesus!

  2. Tuesday morning prayer group continues to pray for both Tom and Pam. You are both in our hearts and prayers.

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